Monday, June 21, 2010

Things Overheard At the Nursing Home

Ms. M to Ms. R - "You need to wipe that food off your chin."
Ms. R's reply - "I was saving that for later."

Ms. W to anyone who is within hearing distance (for her that's a long way off!) " I want to get out of here, do you blame me?  Do you blame me?  Do you blame me? and on and on and on and on................"Take me out in the hall, now. Take me now.  I want to go, now."
And "Make him quit looking at me.  I don't want him to look at me.  Please make him quit looking at me." (It's her brother who is also a resident who she's referring to.  I can remember telling my mom to make my brother quit looking at me when I was a kid.)

Ms. C to me - "I walked all the way from town today.  My doctor told me I need to walk every day. "(town is a few miles away and she can barely walk using her walker down the hall)  And - "Have you seen my husband, Carl?"  or "Have you seen my son, Carl?"

Ms. R to everyone who walks by - "Sissy, come here Sissy.  Come over here and talk to me, Sissy."

Ms. W to me everyday - "What's your name?  Is that your mother?  What's her name?  How long has she been here?  I've been here 3 years.  My name's Ms. W.  What's your name?  Is that your mother?  etc....."

Ms. E  to everyone - "Tootleoo, tootleoo, tootleoo....."

Ms. C to the director  -  "Will you tell them to bring my baby boy to visit me?"
Director - "I didn't know you had a baby boy.  I thought all of your children were grown."
Ms. C - "Well, that just shows what you know."

I have come to love these people and don't write this to in any way make fun of them.  I hope no one would take it that way.  It's just that you have to try to see what little bit of humor you can in a nursing home, otherwise it would be very depressing.
At lunch time I couldn't wake my mom enough to even put a straw between her lips to try to get her to drink.  At dinner time, she was awake and ate fairly well.  She told me about going to the doctor's office where they do silly things, this morning.

I'm thinking that I want to write all kinds of different things about nursing home life and my mom in particular in this blog and not always try to get "inside" her head.  I don't think I can do that so well anyway.  I am still going to try that on occasion.


  1. Julia- keep writing. Every thing you write here helps me understand more too. I didn't feel you were making fun of the residents at all ♥

  2. Your writings are just great to read. It brought to mind the nursing home my mother was in. It reminds me that there are still people out there that I call "invisible" because so many healthy people forget they still exist.
    You should write a book.