Saturday, June 12, 2010

About One Year Later........

continuation of trying to get inside my mom's head................

Okay, so this place really isn't so bad.  It is nice to have my meals cooked for me, my laundry done (Julia and S insist on doing it for me), my medicines regulated by someone else, activities that I can take part in if I want.  Julia and A come to pick me up for church every Sunday, then out to eat at C's restaurant.  I wish they didn't have to take up so much of their Sunday, but it sure is nice.  Julia, B, and S take turns taking me to doctor's appointments, etc... all the time.  Several of my friends come to visit with me.  Thank goodness, I have a large enough "apartment" that I can have visitors comfortably.  I know the kids feel better about me being cared for.  They don't have to worry so much.

Today was awful.  I fell in the hallway when I was going to the dining room.  I had my pocketbook in the basket of my walker.  It was heavy and caused my walker to topple over.  When I fell, I landed on my face and broke my nose and my glasses.  Of course, they called Julia to meet me at the hospital.  They took me in an ambulance.  That was so embarrassing.  I hate being such a bother to everyone.  I look like I've been beaten!  I'm going to have two black eyes!  Now, they are talking about getting me a wheel chair.  If they think I'm going to let them push me around in a wheel chair they are crazy.  It's almost like they just want to do what's easiest for them, and that they don't care at all about how I feel.  Don't they realize how humiliating it would be to be in a wheelchair.  It's bad enough to be using a walker!  I just won't carry my pocketbook around anymore.

Okay, so far they have given up on making me use a wheelchair.  I am being extra careful when I'm walking.  I know that I walk way too slowly to suit everyone, but if it keeps me from falling that's too bad.  Also, I can't really pick up my feet any faster.  Thank goodness, T(***one of the nurses) will bring my mail to me, so I don't have to walk all the way around the whole circle to the other side of the courtyard to get my mail.  I do love getting mail!!!  I look even worse than I thought I would!  My whole face from my forehead to my cheeks are black, blue, and purple.  I don't think I want to go to church this week.  Everyone will know that I fell.   Of course, I guess Julia has told them anyway.  She's always talking about me to everyone.  I wish she wouldn't.

Tomorrow, a group of little dancers are coming to dance.  I love it when groups of children come to perform.  Some of the churches and schools send groups to sing, dance, and visit.  I wish groups would come every day.  I may scare them with my face looking like it does.  It's not as black, blue, and purple now.   It's more green and yellow, but it still looks awful.  My nose still really hurts, too.

Can you believe that they have wine tasting parties here?  I don't drink and never have, and I never will.  I think it's terrible that they are encouraging us old folks to drink!!!!!

Finally, most of the bruising is gone, now.

Next week they are going to have a family party.  Only 2 family members can come for each resident.  I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.  Should I ask Julia, S, B, or C, or maybe one of my other nieces or nephews?  I don't know what to do.   Maybe they'll let me ask more if I ask them......................

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