Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mother's Favorite Season

This is why Mother liked Winter the best of all the seasons.  She could see through and beyond the trees.  She liked seeing the things that she couldn't see the rest of the year.  She felt smothered in the summer.
This photo was taken off my deck this morning.  If I had gotten out there just 5 minutes earlier you would have seen much more vivid colors in that sunrise!!!  It was ORANGE and PINK!  The color isn't showing up on this photo like it looked even when I took the shot.

Here's a poem my grandmother, Mother's mother, wrote to her four children.  Reading this and thinking about how she was a mom watching her children at the stages that mine are in now, makes this poem especially special to me.

At night when I lie down
And can't go to sleep
I try counting my blessings
And in memories cree[

Of course with the sweet
There's sure to be bitter
For we can't always
Have sunshine and glitter.

There were the golden years
When you children were small
And we loved you and spoiled you
And answered your call.

We cried with you and laughed with you
And saw you grow tall
Yet watched you and guarded you
Lest you stumble and fall.

Now, you have children, too
I trust you look up above
And give thanks as I do
That my cup runneth over with love.

by Honey (that's what we called our grandmother - she really was a honey!)


  1. I understand exactly how your dear mother loved winter. It is my favorite time for the same reasons, then Spring comes and all those things you see in Winter get covered over by new growth.

  2. I used to love to go looking for old forgotten houses in the winter-you could see them better-I know what you mean!

  3. how sweet and such a lovely photo too. thanks for sharing!

  4. I would have loved your mother as I love winter the best especially if you have snow. I do not like the heat and humidity and that is what we have her in South Texas. ugh