Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm okay

My last couple of posts make it sound like all I'm doing is sitting around moping and mourning and crying, etc......  But, I'm not.  It's just that sometimes, out of the blue, some something will trigger a memory, a feeling, a ????? that makes me tear up.  Really, I'm okay.  I'm going on with my "normal" life.  If you read my other blog, you will see that I am very busy sewing, etc.....  So, you see, I am not depressed or anything like that.  I just have weepy moments.  I understand that is pretty common. I  thank you all so much for all of your concern and encouragement.  It truly helps.  It's been harder here lately because of my brother's issues.  My sister isn't well either, so that doesn't help. But, hey, I'm in great health.  I take meds for the few little issues I have, and on the days that I exercise (which are much more frequent lately), eat right ( my husband and I are really working on this), keep busy, etc.... I am feeling GOOD.

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  1. You're a strong and caring lady, Julia, and have many folks surrounding you with love...friends and family, real-time and virtual :) This is a good idea to journal about your journey and even though I can't speak for anyone else, I believe we all know you're doing just fine.