Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Honey's Journals

My grandmother started keeping a journal the year I was born.  Her first entry is to tell that my cousin Malinda had been born a few days before.  Her first entry also was about her and my granddaddy's 38th wedding anniversary.
My sister is visiting this week.  We've had fun reading these.  We have laughed and almost cried about some of the entries. 
Our mother started keeping journals the year our grandmother died (I think).  My sister has those.  She said she would bring them to me. 
I've now started keeping a journal.  I hope I will be as faithful as my mother and grandmother were.
This photo shows just a few of Honey's journals.

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  1. I love journals so much. I keep a journal myself- and although it's a bit boring to read, when I go back and look through them there are special moments that I am pleased I kept a record of. What a great collection of family history you have in their journals ♥