Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I need help!

I have been trying to change the color of my background and text on my other blog and on this one.  For some reason I cannot find how to do that anymore.  I've never had a problem with this.  Has Blogger changed the way this is done?  Is is because I'm using a background from outside blogger?  I always have, so that shouldn't be the problem unless Blogger has changed its policy. 


  1. I wish I could help you Julia. Someone did my blog layout for me and I have no idea how she did so I'm terrified with messing with mine very much! Maybe I'll put it on my list of things to learn someday-lol. I hope someone can give you some good advice!

  2. Have you clicked on Design on your dashboard page? I am using Template Designer and that is where I find the place to change the color of text. You click on Advanced once you get there. I don't know what this will do to your background from outside Blogger.

  3. I too have followed the directions of copy and pasteing as they say to do, but doesn't work right anymore.