Thursday, February 24, 2011

"House Cleaning" by our grandmother, Honey

This isn't really about house cleaning.

House Cleaning by Honey Brakebill

When winter is over
With its clutter and muss,
We clean all the corners
And sweep out the dust.
We climb the stairs
From bottom to top,
Rubbing and scrubbing,
Until we're ready to drop.
The house is all shining
Gone the must and the mold,
But there's something fine
We've left untold.
Have we let in the sun and pure fresh air
And washed away prejudice, discontent and care?
Have we opened the way for meekness,
Self discipline, and inspiration
And set up a pattern of self purification?
By brushing out the cobwebs
And brushing off the mold, have we
Opened the windows of heart, mind, and soul?

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  1. Julia, what a fabulous share! & beautiful memories you have to pass along. I envy you ...

    Hugs, sweet friend...
    TTFN ~ Marydon