Friday, September 3, 2010

What's going on in her mind?

Things she has said the past few days.  I wish I could understand what she means and wants.  When I do think I understand her, I can't get her to understand me.  She repeats these statements over and over and over, until she finally wears herself out and goes to sleep.  Apparently she's dreaming and then when she wakes up there is some other something for her to obsess about.  Most of these statements are yelled, not spoken.

"Just give me some butterflies."(This was when she was eating dinner and I asked if she wanted anything else to eat.)
"I want my blue shoes.  They feel so good."(She was trying to get out of bed as she was saying this over and over.)
"Get my dress.  Get a different size."
"Makes me sick, makes me sick, makes me sick,......................"(While my cousin and I were trying to get her to eat.  We finally tried to get her to drink some Ensure.  I think she had congestion in her head that was draining down her throat and this milky drink made her nauseous.)
"Water, water, water, water,......................"(She never drinks water, but she did this time.)
"I'm trying to measure this piano bench."  "Cissy is going to teach a lesson."  "I need to measure this piano bench." (I told her I would measure it for her.)  "Then go do it, do it now, go do it."  "Do you know how to measure."  "I've got to go, now, let's go.  I need to measure the piano bench." (Her sisters were gifted pianists.  I guess she was trying to help them get ready for teaching lessons.)
All is not gloom and doom.  Last evening she was really very calm.  She looked up at me when I went into her room and actually looked at me with both eyes open and smiled and said, "Hi." If only we had more days like this!

My brother is coming down to see her this evening.  This is the first time he has tried to come since the end of June when he started having trouble with the staph infection in his hip.  He is finally off the IV, but will be taking an antibiotic by mouth for a YEAR!


  1. Prayers will be said for safe travels for your brother Julia. I'm so glad you take the time to write this blog- you have no idea how it helps me.

  2. I'm glad to hear that your brother will be able to make the trip now to visit your mom. I'm sure it will be hard on him to see the changes in her can hear the updates, but seeing it first hand is always hard.