Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Easter and Christmas?

Tonight when I went to visit this is what I encountered.....

Mother:  There was and Easter Egg hunt today, and there were so many eggs that they were all stuck together.
Me:  Really, wow!
Mother:  Yes, and there are eggs under me.
Me: Under you? You mean under your bed?
Mother:  Turn me over so you can get the eggs out from under me.  Turn me over, NOW!
Me:  Okay?.........?............?
Mother:  I mean it, turn me over from side to side and get those eggs out from under me, NOW!
Me:  Alright.  (I turned her from side to side, not an easy task mind you, since she can't help turn on her side at all)
Mother: Did you get all of the eggs?
Me: Yep!
Mother:  Did you get the ones that are between my legs?  My legs are stuck together and I can't pull them apart.
Me:  Okay. (I pull each leg to the side a little. I'm afraid that I will hurt her.)
Mother:  My legs are stuck together.  Pull them apart.
Me:  (I pull them a little further apart.)

Mother:  Tomorrow is Christmas, and I haven't been shopping.  I don't have anything for my "little one".
Me:  Mother, it's only September.  You have plenty of time for shopping. (We've been through all of this before.  I keep meaning to buy her a big calendar so she can see the month, etc...  I'm not sure that would help.).  See, I just hung a Halloween decoration on your door because we've not even had Halloween yet.
Mother:  Take me to the hall.
Me:  ( I wheeled her out into the hall, but there wasn't anyone out there.)
Mother:  Take me to the dining room.
Me:  Okay, but there won't be many people in there, dinner is over.
Mother:  Take me to the dining room.
Me:  Okay.
Mother:  Ask those people if tomorrow is Christmas.
Me:  ( I ask three CNAs who are in the dining room. They all tell Mother that it is only September and that Christmas is still several months away. That makes her mad!  I take her back down to her room.)

Mother:  Take off my shirt.
Me: Mother, you have to wait until the girls are through helping other people eat their dinner, and then they will come down to help you get ready for bed. (This exchange goes on forever and ever, so I finally go get a gown myself and come back to get her ready for bed.)
Mother: (After I have her gown on her and her clothes off.)  Tell the nurses to come to get me ready for be.
Me:  Mother, I got you ready for bed.  See, you have on a gown.  I've already brushed your teeth, so you can just relax now and go to sleep.  (It's only 6:00)  I need to go home now, I'll see you tomorrow.
Mother:  Crying, (all of this has been while she was crying) Please don't go.  Please wait until the nurses come to get me ready for bed.
Me:  Okay, I'll stay, but you have to stop crying.
Mother:  Okay, I will.  (That lasts about 2 minutes and then she starts crying again. This goes on for about 30 to 40 minutes.)  Cries again.
 Me: Mother, what's wrong now?
Mother:  I don't know.  Don't touch my face.  You are hurting my arm when you hold my hand.  I don't know.  Please don't go, etc...................................

I finally left and came home and I haven't been able to get this off my mind since.......................


  1. Oh, Julia, I know your heart is breaking. I really have no words except you are in my prayers.

  2. My heart just hurts to see you going through all of this with your Mom. I hurt in my heart that I just know she doesn't realize anything anymore and can't understand what is happening to her. God bless all you do for her.

  3. oh Julia- my heart is so sad for your Mom- she must be so scared. I know it takes it's toll on you and is hard- but what a blessing your Mom has you. I know it seems like you can't do much- but think how much worse it would be for her if you were not there. Why do our bodies and brains do these strange things to us? I'm sending you love.