Sunday, March 6, 2011


Really Listen was the theme of our sermon at church today.  I am so guilty of not stopping to notice what's going on around me and in the lives of others.  I am also guilty of not seeing (looking) at the body language of those I love to see how they are really feeling, rather than just going with what they tell me.  Most of all, I am guilty of not REALLY listening to others.  One ear is always hearing something else, somewhere else.  I intend to do better!


  1. I am guilty of this also- what a wonderful topic for the sermon and a good thing for me to pay attention to also ♥

  2. I think we're all guilty of this-but the main thing is that we notice it and try to do better. That's one thing I've been trying to work at-it's a daily thing we need remember! Thanks for your kind words on my blog and your post today!!!