Saturday, March 5, 2011

First, Fifth, Forever
Last month, I linked up to Coloradolady's Letter Writing Challenge.  As I love to get and send mail, this really isn't a challenge for me.  Please visit her site and watch the joy on the face of this man as he opens his birthday cards!
This month, I sent:
1. A note to my friend who has just recently found out she's going to be a grandmom soon.  I taught school with this lady for YEARS!  I taught her daughter who is giving her this grandchild. 
2.  A 100th Birthday card to Miss Lena, with whom I worked in a fabric store when I was a teenager.  She was such a great mentor to me.  I loved working with her.
3.  A note to my sweet, dear friend, who was also my mother's, aunts', grandmother's dear, sweet friend.  She sits right behind my husband at church where she always sat with her husband and beautiful little girls when we were growing up.  I'm reading my grandmother's journals from when I was a child.  This dear lady is on every other page.  She was always bringing a cake, or hosting the Women's Club, or the Circle Meeting, etc.....  She lives alone now, and has recently celebrated her 90th birthday, even though you wouldn't believe me if you could see her.  She is beautiful and doesn't look like she's out of her 60s!
4.  A note to another sweet lady from our church who is now in an assisted living facility.  She came to church with her son recently and told me how much she enjoyed my note from last month.  Seeing that smile on her face has encouraged me to send her cards and notes more often.  I used to go visit her mother when I was a teenager.  I baked Snickerdoodles to take to her.  Her daughter sings in the choir with me at church now.
5.  A note to my dear cousin, Malinda.  She is always doing the most thoughtful things for everyone!
6.  A Sympathy Card to my friend whose mother recently passed away.  Her mother and mine were roommates for a while at the nursing home.  Her mother taught school at the elementary school when I was a kid.  She was either 94 or 95  when she died.
7.  A Get Well greeting to my friend, who is also the church secretary.  She had shoulder surgery recently.  
8.  A Get Well greeting to yet another dear lady who goes to our church.  In reading my grandmother's journals I am learning about just how much these families are tied to mine from many decades ago.  This lady grew up down the street from where I grew up (and where my mom grew up).  She lives just a bit beyond there now.  She was in my mother-in-law's high school class.   She's not felt well for a couple of months now.  She's had a BAD COLD type illness and just can't seem to get over it. 
9.  A package to our oldest granddaughter who broke her thumb last week.  I sent her the popcorn sweater that I knitted for her.  I was going to wait until I finished her sister's sweater, but decided that she needed a pick-me-up now.  Her sister will understand.  I included a note.

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  1. What a wonderful post! You have encouraged me to be more active in my notes and letters to friends. I have come over from Suzanne's blog.