Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mother made me laugh

For several days now, Mother has just been crying and crying and crying, uncontrollably!!  She would say she didn't know why she was crying or she would make up some silly something, like, "I was itching last night."  So, tonight when I went in to the dining room for supper, I found her sitting there in anticipation.  She looked up and said, "I know what L can name the baby.  Beulah P_________!"  I nearly fell over from this humor coming from my mom.  Okay, the story behind this is...... my grandmother's name was Beulah Augusta P_______ (I don't want to give the last name because it would be identifying my family that I want to protect from some crazies out there in cyber space.  I truly doubt that anyone reading this blog is crazy, but you never know.)  Anyway, my grandparents named my mother Beulah Ruth.  She hated the Beulah part so much that when she went to college she signed everything B. Ruth and wouldn't tell anyone what the B stood for.  So, all of her college friends called her Beanie.  To this day, the ones who are still alive and able call her that!  Now, for the P_______.  My dad named me Julia P__________.  I, too, hated this name and rarely ever told anyone what it was.  When I married I essentially dropped that name and just used my maiden name as my middle name.  All the years that I taught, I never would tell my students my middle name.  It got to be a real challenge for them to see if they could guess it.  No one ever did!  Whew!!  Anyway, I guess you really had to be a part of this NAME HATING and to have been there tonight when Mother suggested this name, but I promise you, it was hilarious.  She had tried very hard today to think of something funny to say to me when I came tonight.  She told one of the CNAs that she didn't want to cry in front of me tonight, and she didn't.  I think that the adjustments in her meds are starting to work!!!  She was lucid, even though she's been crying, for a couple of days now.   Such an improvement!!!!!!  Hallelujah!!!!
I'll be gone for a month to visit my daughter, who is going to present us with our 6th grandchild very soon, and her husband and almost 3 year old.  My husband, sister, cousins, etc... are going to be holding down the fort here in the SE.  My husband will join me out West later on, but my sister will be here that whole week staying at our house. So, I probably won't be updating this blog much, if any, while I'm gone.


  1. Julia- I am glad your Mom had a moment of laughter with you before your trip. I have a hated middle name too- mine starts with an E :) Have a safe trip and snuggle up the new grandbaby as much as you can ♥

  2. i remember my grandmother suggesting "gertrude" as a name for my little sister. yikes. reading your blog has been therapeutic for me. my mom and i took care of my grandparents when they were in nursing homes. it was so hard, but there were some really sweet times as well. it was an honor to care for them when they needed me. keep up the good work/love.

  3. So glad that you had this funny/happy moment with your mom! Hugs, Karen