Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here We Go Again

Oh well, I guess it was too good to last!  Mother had 2 or 3 really good days, and then I went out of town.  She has had a rough time since I left.  But, my husband is checking on her everyday, because he's still home.  My cousins and sister will all be going to check on her during the time I'm away. 
I was really hoping that the change in medicines was going to make the difference.  Perhaps, over time, it will.  Perhaps she needs more time to get the old stuff out of her system. 
Also, I think she was trying extra, extra hard just before I left to make me feel better about leaving.  She wanted to show me that she could laugh and smile and be happy.  Now, that I'm not there, she doesn't have to pretend anymore. 

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