Monday, January 31, 2011


Yesterday's sermon given by a guest preacher was based on the Beatitudes.  I am really struggling with thinking that my mother was blessed during her last year, but the first beatitude is,  "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."  I would not consider that the horror that my mother experienced during her last year was very blessed.  I certainly did not feel blessed during that time.  Certainly when she took her last breath, I felt that she was finally blessed, but why did she have to struggle for all that time first?  I know there is no answer to my question, so I'm not really asking for anyone to answer it, unless you really know why.  I really liked this pastor, though.  His enthusiasm was great!  We're presently looking for a pastor. 

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  1. No answers, Julia, but I know how you feel. I too, like many others, had to watch my wonderful, strong, and outgoing mother suffer a loss of her abilities day by day and live in an institution that neglected her....she made the best of it that she could, but it was so very heart-wrenching to not be able help her any more than that, but it was all we had at the time. She passed in 1989 right after our last child was born and I treasure the memories of seeing her smile for the 1st time in months at the sight of my little was the last time I heard her speak, the last time I saw her smile. She held out to see the baby, I know. Her pastor told me she had more to teach me all the way until the end, and that was why the Lord made her endure such torment....I take some comfort with that....but, Julia, there are only questions and few answers...and I think that's what faith tries to teaches us.