Saturday, January 29, 2011


 My mother started : falling, having more trouble driving, problems with her shoulders, having difficulties with cooking, having problems with a wound on her foot that wouldn't heal, etc... very soon after we moved back to town - 5 minutes from her house.
 My mother had long term care insurance that would cover three years of care.  She was in assisted living three years to the month!
My mother became really ill in May of the year that I was retiring from teaching - May being my last month, of course,
My mother's money was starting to get low, so I had made an appointment to talk with the medicaid people.  The appointment was to be the day after her memorial service.

Update on my brother.  He went home last night!  He is very uncomfortable, but doing ok.  There wasn't as much infection as the doctors thought there would be!  Yea!

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