Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm home, and as I told one of my cousins, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my grands, and as awful as this may sound, my time away from the nursing home.  I'll be back tomorrow, though.  The drs. never did get back with my sister about whether or not they would take Mother into their program at the hospital that is designed for seniors with issues like Mother's.  I guess I'll get to deal with all that starting tomorrow.  I am just praying that they can find some combination of meds that can keep her calm, but not so knocked out that she can't even eat!
My sister walked into her room last night and she was saying, "Brick by brick, brick by brick, brick by brick."  My sister discerned that she was referring to when they tore down the old elementary and high school buildings in our town.  What was humorous was that Mother's roommate joined in by saying, "Daddy, take it down brick by brick, brick by brick, etc..............."  Sometimes laughing to keep from crying helps!  Sometimes it's hard to do, but I have decided that a POSITIVE ATTITUDE is the healthiest one I can have, not only for myself, but for Mother, too.   I am really going to TRY!!!!!!


  1. ((hugs)) I really needed your post today as I am having some struggles in life right now too and I have not been very positive about them. You are correct- being positive is more productive and healthier than the negative ugly attitude I have today. Keeping your Mom in my prayers sweet friend- hope they find the right combination of meds soon!

  2. Welcome home! I am going to have to address a few things with the nursing home here too. Who looks out for the poor residents whose family doesn't take an active roll in their care or who doesn't get to visit often?