Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Update on My Brother

My brother woke up with a new hip prostheses in place!  Yea!!!!  Let's just hope that the infection really is gone!!!  He is in a lot more pain this time around because while the spacer was in place his leg drew up and the tissue, etc.... grew around the "dummy" hip. During the surgery, they had to pull on his leg to fit the prostheses into place.  Also, they had to remove a lot of tissue to test and to be able to fit the new hip in.  But, he is now home, in great spirits.  He is somewhat anemic.  They are talking about the possibility of a blood transfusion!  We sure are praying that he doesn't have to have that done!
His attitude is way better than mine would be if I were in his place. 
We've been to the NE to see two of our daughters and their families.  Two of our grands were in a musical.  It was great!  They are so talented!  I am so very proud of them.  We're home, and we're tired. The 14 hour drive is tiring but worth it to see our girls.Our other daughter has moved to SC which is just a few hours drive for us compared to the all day airplane trip we had while she was in AZ!  Yea!


  1. I am still praying for your brother Julia- I really hope this is the last time and now he can heal and get back to his life. I am so glad to hear you were able to see your grands too!! How fun!!! Sending you a HUGE hug!!!

  2. Glad you had a fun weekend and can now rest up! Still praying for your brother! Hope he didn't need the transfusion.

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  4. Yes, hoping all the best for your brother. I read before that it is quite normal to require a blood transfusion when surgery in and around the hip and pelvic region are done.

    Nice you could get away but it does take it's toll visiting. Hope you have a great week and weekend coming up.